Input format update

Gabmap has been updated regarding the input formats it accepts. From now on you are able to input the following files when entering the geographical information:

  • A txt file where each line contains (tab-separated):
    Location        Longitude        Latitude
    Or a line starting with ‘#’, indicating this line is a comment and will be ignored
    See example:
  • An xls(x) file in which every row contains three values (in three consecutive cells):
    Location Longitude Latitude
  • A kml file which only includes coordinates of locations, but no polygons
  • A kml file generated from within the sp R package and rgdal R package
  • A kml file including both location coordinates and polygons (the original option)

Whenever no polygons in your input file are present, there are two options:

  • You may select a country from the drop-down list: Gabmap will use a crude outline for that country as your polygon
  • If you haven’t selected a country, Gabmap will draw a convex hull around all points in your dataset (+ 10 kilometers)

If a polygon has been generated, you will be able to download the resulting kml file in the ‘places’ output (“download generated kml file”).

Regarding the input data, Gabmap now not only accepts tab-separated text files, but also xls(x) files having the same pattern as before:

  • The top row contains the labels of the items
  • The first column contains the locations (matching those in the geographical file)
  • The top-left cell is empty
  • The cells contain the variants used in each place for each item
  • See example:

If you encounter any issues please contact Martijn Wieling!

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