About Gabmap

Gabmap is a free web-based application for dialectometry. Gabmap source code can be downloaded from Github. Gabmap was built upon RuG/L04.

Contact info

General info: m.b.wieling@rug.nl
Technical support: m.b.wieling@rug.nl


Gabmap is currently maintained by Martijn Wieling.
Major contributors include Peter Kleiweg (original implementation), Therese Leinonen (user documentation), Çağrı Çöltekin, Charlotte Gooskens, Rinke Colen, and John Nerbonne.

With the help of feedback from early Gabmap users.

How to cite


Gabmap was initially developed by a team at Information Science at the University of Groningen, supported by a grant from the CLARIN-NL program to the ADEPT project, which aimed at assaying dialect differences, in particular applying edit-distance to pronunciation transcriptions. Development continues.

The silhouettes in the banner on this site come from an image by Kirsty Pargeter, released under Creative Commons.